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Intensive driving courses with Homers’ Driving School in Willenhall

Willenhall, known for its historical nationwide manufacture of locks and keys and its worldwide famous Yale factory. The small industrial town also features a lock museum with its own original lock workshop. It has been written that Queen Elizabeth granted the township to Willenhall the entitlement to make all the locks for state purposes.  Situated between Walsall and Wolverhampton, in the county of West midlands. Willenhall also boasts a popular market and well-kept memorial park.

Learning to drive around many routes within Willenhall

Willenhall has numerous main routes to adjoining towns. One of the two main roads is The Keyway (A454). This main road runs from Wolverhampton city centre ring road, through the outskirts of Willenhall and Bilston and ends on the Black Country route. The Keyway is busy, commuter dual carriageway road. The second main route is the Black Country Route that serves between the outskirts of Bilston and Willenhall, as well as giving residents of Dudley, Coseley and Sedgley a direct link to the M6 motorway.

As Willenhall has these busy routes, along with country single track lanes, dual carriageways and busy town driving. With plenty of dual carriageways and roundabouts you will gain all the experience required to pass your driving test and become a safe driver for life. Here at Homers, our friendly and confident, ADI instructors, who have lived in the area for many years have local knowledge. Once you have started our intensive courses, either manual or automatic, our instructors will kick start your success on the road. They already have in mind the quiet roads, away from the bustle of commuters to get you confident behind the wheel. Once you are confident and ready to face the rat race or Saturday shoppers, our instructors will slowly introduce you to the main routes. In no time you will be able to, without prompting, able to safely drive on the busy routes.

Our local instructors near you

So, if are looking to pass your test as little as a week with our Intensive Crash Course you have come to the right school. Mark, who has been with Homers Driving School for over 15 years is a fully qualified ADI driving instructor and is the only ORDIT Registered. When you book the Automatic Intensive Driving Lessons with Mark you are getting “simply the best”.

However, don’t let Mark’s badges of honour in advanced driving put you under pressure. When you learn to drive on the Intensive Crash Course in Yaris Hybrid automatic car you will have an extremely relaxed and enjoyable experience.

If you wish to take a manual intensive crash course, then let us introduce Gary Nicholls. As a DVSA full green license holder, Gary teaches learners to drive in West Midlands and surrounding areas, he knows his stuff and exactly what is required to reach even the highest standards.  Gary is so patience, his knowledge and fun learning is exactly what you need on these Intensive Crash Courses.

Are you in a position or circumstance that requires a driving licence quickly?

Have found your dream career that requires a full driving licence? or you have decided you want to learn to drive within the fastest amount of time, all our instructors can prepare your lessons to suit you, even if you chose the intensive course path. Homers offer manual and automatic intensive courses for the complete novices to students at ‘test standard’ or have failed their practical driving test. Our complete beginners crash courses are the duration of forty hours, that are taken over, a period of time with professional guidance from our highly trained instructors. Once you are ready, your Theory and Practical Test will be booked!

Another reason to take our manual or automatic intensive crash course would be for students who have recently failed their driving test, our intensive crash course, lasting only six hours will help eliminate those minors off your next test. Our friendly instructors will assess your driving and identify areas needing correction to improve your ability to pass the test and generally improve your driving skills.

If you need to pass your Practical Driving Test fast in the shortest and most effective way possible an intensive driving course is the only way.  Don’t just sit there pick up the phone and book that “Pass in a Week” or “Pass Test Fast” automatic or manual intensive driving course with Homers Driving School.

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