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Intensive manual and automatic driving lessons within Tettenhall, Wolverhampton

Tettenhall village is north of the city of Wolverhampton within the county of Staffordshire, near to rural Staffordshire and Shropshire. Tettenhall has two village greens, which only a handful of villages have left in England. Tettenhall’s Upper Green with it’s landmark the clock tower erected around the time to mark the coronation of George V, along with a paddling pool and cricket pitch. Within the Lower Green of Tettenhall is located the church St Micheals and all Angels.  Areas within reach of Tettenhall are Compton, Perton, Aldersley and Newbridge.

Through the village of Tettenhall and into Wolverhampton runs the A41 (named Wergs Road and Tettenhall Road), a major trunk road, which links Birkenhead to London. This road serves as a single carriageway through the village, south towards the City of Wolverhampton or northbound, towards Newport.

Get confident to drive around roads in Tettenhall and the city of Wolverhampton

With Tettenhall village within a five-minute drive from the busy city of Wolverhampton, our driving instructors, who are especially selected from the local area have extensive knowledge all the quiet housing estates and secluded rural country lanes where you will rapidly become familiar with all the controls and functions of our state of the art driving school vehicles and begin to gain confidence behind the wheel. We offer a variety of intensives driving courses whether you prefer manual or automatic to get you on the road in no time.  Once you will be eager to move on, in your own time, our trained and friendly instructors will steadily introduce you to the ring road in Wolverhampton city centre.

The ring road is divided into seven sections, between the seven junctions, most are main access into the city from Birmingham, Dudley, Walsall and Cannock. With multiple sets of traffic lights and multi lane exits and junctions, the idea of driving on this road can be quite daunting. Here at Homers’ Driving School all of our driving instructors are friendly and professional who will talk and guide you through how to safely change lanes, exit and enter junctions and other sections of the ring road. As our driving instructors are have lived locally for years, they are aware of all the road changes and short cuts.

Are intensive/crash courses right for you?

Automatic and manual

If you are here on this website asking yourself this question. You have come to the right place. Intensive courses for manual and automatic licences are tailored for all learner drivers from zero experience to students who are ready or have recently failed their driving test. Homers’ driving school offer over six different intensive courses which will be tailored around your needs. For example, if you have recently failed your driving test but are raring to go with your next available test, or if your driving skills are at test standard we would recommend the 6-hour crash course, for just over £300, this condensed course will help retain everything you have learnt easier.

Just starting out and need to fast track to your licence?

We offer a number of intensive courses for students who have very little or no experience behind the wheel or have just received your provisional driving licence. One of the number of courses we are proud to offer is the 40-hour crash course. Here you will, with the guidance of an ADI Qualified driving instructor, learn to drive rapidly, once you are ready we will then book your theory and practical driving test.

So, if you have found your dream career that requires a full driving licence, or you have decided you wish to learn to drive within the fastest amount of time, all of our instructors can prepare your lessons to suit you, even if you chose the intensive course path.

We also can work around you. If you prefer evenings and weekends, our instructors have availability for you. To avoid disappointment, let us know as soon as possible. Our instructors may also arrange to pick you up for your lessons from different locations. If you need picking up from a work place one day, then home on another, give us a call to ask depending on locations.

Pick up the phone or complete our online enquiry form and get on the road with speed!


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