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Develop Your Driving Instructor Career

As a driving instructor, you enjoy the challenge of training new people, watching them succeed and the flexibility that comes with the job.

But did you know there’s even more you can do with your skills and talents? 

From earning more money to taking on exciting roles like off-road training, there are many ways you can enhance and develop your career as an Advanced Driving Instructor (ADI).

Proven Success with Standards Check Training 

Keep your driving instructor career on form by boasting a Grade A Standards Check Score for your ability to teach pupils to learn to drive.

As you already know, the approved driving instructor standards check replaced the ADI check test in April 2014. Homers Driving School delivers one of the most successful ADI Standards Check Test training courses in the West Midlands; with the majority of our driving instructors achieving Grade A with a maximum score of 51.

Even if you’ve previously failed a check test, Homers Driving School one-to-one standards check training uses specialised training techniques and know-how to help rescue your driving instructor career and get you back on track with the DVSA.

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Become an ORDIT Instructor Trainer

Increase your earnings by training existing drivers to be instructors with Driving Instructor Training.

Homers Driving School Instructors are part of the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainings (ORDIT) that enable them to provide experienced training that equips you to teach other new aspiring driving instructors to become ADI qualified.

Homers ORDIT qualified instructors are proven to have reached the required standards for high quality training and provide one-to-one training that can improve your instructor capabilities for all 3 parts of the ADI qualifying examination.

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Become a Fleet Trainer

With earnings up to £500 per day, Fleet Training could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for to advance your driving instructor career.

As part of Homers Driving School, HDS Fleet Training provides you as an ADI qualified driver the opportunity to train workers in one of the fastest growing sectors, fleet driving.

By accessing HDS Fleet Training, you can qualify to train drivers in the importance of vehicle maintenance, driving responsibilities and risk assessments.

This valuable training then opens up many areas in the Driver Training Industry for you to continue developing your career, including:

  • Corporate training
  • Pre and post collision courses
  • Collision investigation
  • ECO driver training
  • Working with emergency services
  • Driver awareness course delivery
  • Speed awareness courses
  • Car manufacturer requirement training
  • 4 x 4 and off road training
  • Track training

So why not take on an exciting new challenge by using your existing talents to train with Homers Driving School, earn more money and really enhance your driving instructor career.

For queries and dates of available training, contact Homers Driving School online or on 0800 612 4897 today.


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