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Choosing Your Franchise Tuition Car

If you’ve already seen the fantastic driving instructor franchise offer provided by Homers Driving School, then you’ll be in no doubt that we are determined to provide satisfaction for all driving instructors that choose to be part of our successful family run business.

You may at this point, be interested in how Homers driving instructor franchise supports you in obtaining a suitable tuition car so that you can benefit straight away in reaching and teaching our waiting list of students.

Homers Driving School - Tuition Car

What is Included with your Driving Instructor Franchise Car

As a driving instructor, a well-equipped and reliable tuition car is a must for you and your pupils in order to provide professional instruction, support learners to pass without hindrance and remove stress from expensive repairs and maintenance costs.

That’s why many who take-up our driving instructor franchise choose to lease their tuition cars, either directly or arranged through Homers Driving School.

This ensures that you always have access to a modern, dual control car with reduced risk of mechanical failures or breakdowns.

However, whether you prefer to purchase your tuition car or lease one, Homers can guarantee that you will benefit from their driving instructor franchise package that includes:

  •  Dual controls
  •  Recognised and professional Homers Driving School Graphics
  • A roof top sign with a roof protector
  • Additional instructor’s speedo if the tuition car speedometer is not visible from the passenger side

When leasing a tuition car through Homers Driving Instructor Franchise agreement, instructors will be pleased to know that:

  • Any colour and vehicle type preferred by the instructor is acceptable
  • 3 or 5 door vehicle options are available
  • 7-month to 2 year leases can be selected to meet individual budget needs
  • If your leased tuition car suffers a mechanical failure, a new car will be available for you within 48 hours to avoid any lengthy disruption to your lessons and income.

So if you are making the smart decision to join Homers Driving Instructor Franchise, you can be sure that you will receive a tuition car package and support that is personalised to your needs and will keep you in business and safely on the road.

For a friendly, no obligation chat about how our driving school family at Homers can support your driving instructor career in and around the West Midlands, then please do call us free on 0800 612 4897 or drop us a message today.


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