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Terms and Conditions

Procedures to follow to ensure we can return to lessons smoothly; Instructors and Students will need to prepare for the following:

  • Students will be contacted by the Instructor the evening before lessons. This is to check that student is not showing symptoms of corona  virus COVID-19  If Student or their household get symptoms of corona virus COVID-19 infection, please follow the GOV.UK Stay at Home Guidance.  Inform your Instructor or Homers Driving School immediately.

COVID-19 symptoms include:

  • A high temperature (38C or above)
  • A new, continuous dry cough
  • Unexplained loss or change to your (or their) sense of smell or taste

For latest information please refer to the Government Guidelines

If lessons are cancelled for the above reasons and less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be asked to provide confirmation after your COVID-19 test, we will need to see copy of your test results (positive, negative or unclear). Otherwise you will be charged for lesson(s).

  • The Instructor will frequently disinfect their vehicle and equipment between uses.
  • Instructor will not approach Students front door or work entrance, they will wait inside or outside their vehicle, plus Instructors must not shake the student’s hand.
  • Students please make sure you have washed your hands or have used hand sanitiser gel before leaving the house or work place before entering the Instructors vehicle.
  • Students please bring your own Face Covering or Masks to each lesson as this is recommended if social distancing is not possible. Gloves can be worn if you wish to wear them.  Please notify Homers or Instructor at least 48 hours prior to any driving lesson if you do not have a suitable face covering or mask.  We may be able to supply a disposable mask or a reusable mask at an additional cost.  However, should insufficient notice be given and you turn up for a driving lesson without a suitable face covering or mask Homers reserve the right to postpone and charge for the driving lesson.
  • Students wear suitable clothing to cover areas that skin maybe exposed and in direct contact with car seat, seat belts, armrest etc.
  • Students please do not bring any objects with you that may potentially be a carrier for COVID-19, or anything else that is not required for your lesson unless absolutely necessary. You can bring your phone with you provided it is switched off and can be kept on you personally.  If you have to bring items along, they will be stored in the boot and returned to you at the end of the lesson.
  • Students still bring your progress cards with you and your own pen. You will need to be responsible to fill in your own details with guidance from your Instructor.
  • Windows will be open during lesson for ventilation when we are able to. Due to social distancing regulations, we might conduct some of the learning outside the car.
  • Students can still pay cash, but make sure it is the precise amount that is needed to pay for lesson or lessons you want to purchase. Discuss with your Instructor other payment options they may offer e.g. online banking, PayPal etc.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cancellation of lessons*:

If you or your instructor wish to cancel a lesson a minimum of 48 hours’ notice should be given. If you do not give at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation you will be charged for the lesson(s). Cancellations by the Student must be directly between you and your instructor.

If your instructor cancels a lesson without giving this minimum required notice under *COVID-19 Postponement of lessons your instructor shall just rearrange the lesson.

If lessons are cancelled less than 48 hours’ notice, by student or instructor due to them or their household is showing symptoms of corona virus COVID-19 infection, you will be asked to provide confirmation after your COVID-19 test, we will need to see copy of your test results (positive, negative or unclear). Otherwise Students you will be charged for lesson(s).

All students must arrive at the instructor’s car with face mask or face covering fitted and hands sanitised, before entering the vehicle.  Any student displaying signs of illness, will not be allowed to enter our tuition vehicles.  Any student who does not comply with the above they will not be allowed to enter the vehicle and consequently the lesson fees are still to be charged by the Instructor.

COVID 19 can have a knock on effect such as lack of fuel, lack of vehicle repair or lack of car spare parts etc as this is out of our control we may cancel lessons at our discretion if this would occur without notice and without compensation lesson.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Postponement of lessons*:

  • If the Government changes the R rate scale of safety, we may have to change lesson dates accordingly. *
  • If the UK Government make any changes to the planned stage 3 return to work (4th July 2020) we may have to change lesson date accordingly. *

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safeguarding Measures

To safeguard you, Instructors and other Students while Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains a threat it will be necessary to abide by the following additional terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are designed to help reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting the virus while taking driving lessons.  Where there is any conflict between my standard terms and conditions of service and those listed on Homers Driving School website, these take precedence.

What are the risks of contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and in some cases death.  Due to the fact we will not be able to observe the social distancing rule while in the vehicle and we will be operating in a confined space used by a number of different people.  We will reduce risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures.  Instructors and Students must work with any other employers or contractors sharing the workplace/vehicle so that everybody’s health and safety is protected.  Homers cannot guarantee you will not be infected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) during your driving lessons.

Accept full responsibility should you or a member of your household become infected 

By undertaking driving lessons with Homers, you are agreeing to:

  1. Accept full responsibility for any loss, cost or expense you might incur should you contact Coronavirus (COVID-19) or pass it on as a result of taking driving lessons with Homers.
  2. Take no action against Homers to recover any such loss, cost or expense.
  3. If you or your household get symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, please follow the GOV.UK Stay at Home Guidance. It is vital that you contact Homers immediately.
  4. Without charge to you this will help Homers to decide whether it will be necessary to postpone any future lessons until it is safe to continue based on Government guidelines.
  5. Should Homers discover that you could have given more notice of this, Homers reserve the right to charge you for any driving lessons postponed.
  6. If you or any persons you are likely to be in contact with are clinically vulnerable from corona virus, or extremely vulnerable, or others that might live with or care for people in those groups. Please consider very carefully whether you should be taking driving lessons.

Reciprocal information about Instructor and the need for action regarding point 3:

Instructor will inform Homers immediately, if they or anyone in their own household get symptoms of Corona virus (COVID-19) infection.  If so, Homers may need to postpone your driving lessons including attending any practical driving test and follow the GOV.UK Stay at Home Guidance.  In this instance any scheduled lessons would be carried forward until the Instructor was in a position to resume training.

All Homers Driving School driving instructors are self-employed and do not work for Homers Driving School. The sales contract you have entered below is between you and the driving instructor not Homers Driving School.  The vehicles may have CCTV with audio fitted for the protection of both you and the driving instructors.

Regular Terms and Conditions

Instructors Contract: The instructor will provide driving tuition to the student at the communicated rate when the booking was made. Any start up offers are subject to normal lesson rates either after the initial starter period or after completion of a designated number of tuition hours again communicated at the time of booking. We may request a minimum of 25 regular price lessons as part of an introductory offer which is a loss leader and the offer as part or whole is non-refundable. Lessons should be no longer than 14 days apart unless prior agreement has been confirmed in writing by the driving instructor.

Payment may be made by individual lessons at the start of each lesson with the rate previously agreed. The instructor may change the lesson rate with no less than 7 days’ notice. Payments may be made in advance at a discounted rate agreed with the instructor by block booking (not beginner start up offers) directly paid to the driving instructor by cash. A block booking is none refundable in whole or part, you are purchasing a prearrange amount of hours and the instructor has designated his time to allow for this. Should you no longer wish to continue a refund is not available. If you have a gift voucher they will still be valid for a 12 months from the date of purchase subject to our normal cancellation policy. Block bookings and start up offers are none transferable or refundable.

Matter concerning the timing, duration and location of the individual lessons are subject to agreement between the instructor and the student driver.

The instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the tuition vehicle for the practical driving test if the instructor’s professional opinion the student has not reached sufficient standard of competence to take full responsibility for the safety of the vehicle and other road users.

All driving instructors have signed to comply with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) code of conduct which can be found on the government website.

It is hereby expressed that this contract is made directly between the Driving instructor, as principal and the student or parent/guardian is under 18 years of age. In relation to bookings, supply of information or documentation and the processing of payments. Homers Driving School acts as an advertising agent of the driving instructor. On this basis the student driver accepts that Homers Driving School cannot be deemed to have any liability to the student driver in any matter which is subject to the contract between the driving instructor and the student. For avoidance of doubt, nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude the liability of Homers Driving School or its employees, for loss or damage directly occasioned by negligence or other breach of the company or its employees.

The instructor may rearrange or cancel any appointment to a time suitable for both parties if the instructors is not available for any reason whatsoever subject to giving “48 hours” notice otherwise they next lesson of the same duration will be give free of charge. Exceptions from this is for safety reasons in extreme adverse weather decided by the Driving Instructor, for vehicle failure and should another student book a test at short notice and require the same time – this could be your test another student would be cancelled for you. The student driver may rearrange or cancel an appointment directly with the instructor subject to giving “48 hours” notice otherwise the full lesson fee will be charged or deducted from the pre-paid future bookings. This cancellation policy does not apply if the lesson can be rearranged for the same day only. Failure to pay for a cancelled lesson will result in a £60 administration fee and recovery of monies to include additional costs as issued by the U.K. Small Claims Court.